Hillcrest Children and Family Center (Hillcrest Center) is a behavioral health care and social services agency that provides behavioral health treatment and prevention as well as community and family support services. We are a private non-profit organization founded in 1815 by First Lady Dolley Madison and chartered by an Act of Congress. Throughout its history, Hillcrest Center has offered primary prevention and mental health services to children and families. With a commitment to provide each client with the highest quality, cost effective, and timely service to meet their needs, we promote wellness and the well-being of our service population, staff, and the general community.

The Hillcrest Center mission statement speaks to our historical commitment to children and families:

To promote the well-being and holistic development of all children, youth, and families of the District of Columbia and surrounding areas through comprehensive, culturally responsive, family and community focused services, education, and advocacy.

OUR VISION – To become a world-class behavioral health and social service organization achieving positive outcomes for the people and communities we serve.

OUR GOAL – To ensure children, adolescents, adults and families have access to client centered, quality substance abuse treatment that is delivered in a timely fashion by qualified professionals.

We look forward to serving you!


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American History Through the African American Lens.


You have a special opportunity to support Hillcrest Children and Family Center, the oldest nonprofit organization in the District of Columbia.

We are offering a special book that highlights newsworthy moments in Black History called The African American Historical News Journal.

This book is a collection of articles that speak to the news of the day. Headlines from the 1700’s through the 1960’s detail an array of events such as Harriet Tubman’s aid of Union Troops, new inventions and slave revolts to name a few.

The African American Historic News Journal is a reflection of American History in its purest form. It provides first-hand accounts from notable inventors and activists like Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Elijah McCoy and Madame C. J. Walker.

Contribute $25 and you will receive two books, a soft cover of the African American Historic News Journal and a limited edition Hillcrest Center soft cover of the journal that is numbered and signed.

Contribute $50 and you will receive the Trilogy Pack which includes 3 books, a hard cover of the African American Historic News Journal, a soft cover book and a limited edition Hillcrest Center soft cover of the journal that is numbered and signed. Add a part of history to your collection!