Thank you to our Community Partners

Hillcrest Children and Family Center recently concluded our second annual WRAP For Me on-line auction. We would like to thank our community partners that donated items for this special event.

Thank you for your donation to our fundraiser! We appreciate you being a member of our community.






Once Upon A Gown

Believe it or not, prom season is right around the corner. Are you ready? Some young people residing in the Washington Metropolitan area do not have the resources to attend this special occasion. Thanks to Once Upon A Gown these youth now have an opportunity to acquire beautiful clothes and participate in this traditional event. The Once Upon A Gown initiative is designed to support students in preparation for prom and special occasions by collecting and distributing gently used and new formal attire. This includes gowns, shoes, accessories, and now tuxedos. This is a free event taking place on Saturday, March 17 at Seat Pleasant Activity Center located at 5720 Addison Road, Capitol Heights MD 20743. Once Upon A Gown will occur from 11 am to 4 pm.  To register for this event visit

For more information contact Ms. Alesha Wilson, the founder at

Get Your Check Up From The Neck Up

Do you know your mental health score? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1 in 5 adults are diagnosed with a mental illness. Hillcrest Children and Family Center is an advocate for good mental health. We created the #abetterselfie social media campaign to promote behavioral health awareness and remove stigma for health seeking individuals. We also encourage the use of What’s My M3 which allows you to do a personal assessment of your mental health. This test screens for Depression, an Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and PTSD.

 So get your checkup form the neck up. For supportive information about your mental health score and other mental health services call 202-232-6100.

To learn more and take this brief test, click here.



The Difference Is You! – Give A Gift to Support Behavioral Health

What was your first introduction to Hillcrest Center? Was it a friendly visit from one of our canvassers? Perhaps you attended an event during our bicentennial year. Or maybe you attended a community engagement event during Hillcrest Week’s One Love For A City. Whatever reason moved you to take an interest in Hillcrest Children and Family Center, we are glad you did.

A donation from you helps Hillcrest Center provide critical mental health and substance use disorder treatment for children, youth, adults and families.

Please consider giving a gift to support behavioral health today! Click here to donate.


Cards For Causes

Hillcrest Center is participating in Picaboo’s Card For Causes program this holiday season. Picaboo has partners with more than 150 local nonprofit organizations every year to create custom holiday cards. You can design your own photo holiday cards and support Hillcrest Center at the same time. When you order cards through our program, 50% of your purchase will be donated to the Hillcrest Children and Family Center. This is a great opportunity for you to help create awareness for mental health and substance use disorder. Visit to get your holiday cards today!


 holiday card pic







Understanding Your Risk – Dr. Amelia Hall

Amelia R. Hall, Psy.D., holds a Doctor of Psychology degree in clinical psychology, with a special concentration in diversity and multicultural related issues.

Understanding your Risk!

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 2017 states the following facts.

  • Each year 44,193 Americans die by suicide
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US
  • For every suicide there are 25 attempts
  • Suicide costs the US $51 Billion annually

Did you know that mood (e.g., depression) and substance use (e.g., cannabis) disorders are known risk factors for suicide?

Here are some stats:

  • Racial or ethnic minority (e.g., Black and Latino) individuals have lower lifetime prevalence rates of mood and substance use disorders
  • In contrast, Black and Latino LGB youth have higher prevalence rates of suicide attempts than White youth
  • According to O’Donnell, Meyer, and Schwartz (2011), most suicide attempts in the LGB community occur by or before the age 24-years-old
  • Lifetime suicide attempt rates in the LGB community range from 10% to 40%, compared to 0.4% to 5.1% in the heterosexual population.

The Minority Stress Model (Meyer, 2003) suggests that excess prejudice, stigma, and discrimination (e.g., family rejection, and self- and other labeling) encountered by LGB individuals may typically lead to increased mental health problems (e.g., mood and substance use disorders) and a result in increased risk of suicide. Black and Latino LGB individuals may be at elevated risk for suicide attempts, even in the absence of these traditional markers.

Behavioral health intervention can protect against further emotional distress and aid LGB individuals in navigating through the shame and stigma associated with non-heterosexual behavior, racial and ethnic differences in the coming-out process, experiences of negative life events (e.g., violence and homelessness), and other factors that may contribute to an increased risk for suicide attempts.

This article is courtesy of The Hózhó Institute, LLC.

For more information, please contact Hillcrest Center at (202) 232-6100 or email us at


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Improve Your Mental Health

Juanita Price Presents – Wellness Wednesday

Compliment Someone:

Giving someone a simple, sincere compliment takes just a moment; makes you both feel happy and proud; and gives you a healthy boost of positive energy in the process.

So go ahead. Say something nice to someone each day. You’ll be glad you did!

Giving compliments to someone not only makes the recipient feel good, but it can be good for you as well. Studies indicate that showing kindness and giving/receiving compliments have some of the following health benefits:

  1. Decreased stress levels
  2. Lower pain levels
  3. Increased immunity
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Increased happiness

Since compliments (and smiles) are free, take just a moment, and can have such a positive impact, why wouldn’t you make this a daily habit? To successfully complete this challenge, log 12 compliments this month. But to reap the real rewards, you may want to give many more!


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