Who We Are

Hillcrest Children and Family Center is a behavioral health care and social services agency that provides behavioral health treatment and prevention as well as community and family support services. We promote wellness and the well-being of our service population, and general community.

What We Do

At the Hillcrest Center, we put our clients first, offering up-to-date clinical services in a confidential, caring environment. We partner with our clients to ensure their needs are met within their homes, schools, and communities. By doing so, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the root of the matter to elect the best resolutions. Depending on the individual’s needs, our services range from a single disciplined consultation to a full team evaluation.

5 Pillars of Service:

Engaging Service Partners:  Hillcrest Center believes in building trusting relationships with individuals, families, and community partners to support the recovery of the clients we serve.

Understanding the Situation:  Hillcrest Center believes in the ongoing collection and assessment of information that will aid us in understanding our clients.

Planning Positive Life Changing Interventions:  Hillcrest Center believes that client-centered planning for positive life changes is an ongoing process.

Implementing Services:  Hillcrest Center provides services that are timely and responsive to the needs and preferences of the clients we serve.

Managing Results:  Hillcrest Center is results oriented!  We use knowledge and evidence based practices to achieve positive outcomes for the clients we serve.