Board of Directors

R. Denise Everson, President – Ms. Everson, President of the Hillcrest Board of Directors, has served on the Board since 2011.  An alumna of Hampton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Ms. Everson continued her education at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where she attained her Master’s degree in public policy.  Ms. Everson currently serves on the Executive Committee.

Rande  S. Atcherson, PMP, Vice President – Mr. Atcherson has been involved with the Hillcrest Board of Directors since 2014.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from Towson University.  Mr. Atcherson is the founder of Speak For A Cause LLC; a marketing consultancy that focuses on nonprofit and small business development. He serves on the Bicentennial Committee and the Communications and Marketing Committee.
Michael Benjamin, Treasurer – Mr. Benjamin, Treasurer for the Hillcrest Board of Directors, has been a part of the Board since 2011.  Mr. Benjamin earned his Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, and has a Master’s degree in mental health administration from the Yale University’s School of Medicine. He currently serves on the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Bicentennial Committee.
Kissa Robinson-Moore, Secretary – Mrs. Robinson-Moore, a registered nurse with extensive experience in her field, has been a member of the Hillcrest Board of Directors since 2011.  A graduate of Coppin State College, Mrs. Robinson-Moore received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing before continuing with her education at the University of Maryland, University College, where she earned a Master’s in health care administration as well as her MBA.  Mrs. Robinson-Moore serves on the Executive Committee, the Communications and Marketing Committee, and the Programs Committee.
Corette’ Byrd – Ms. Byrd has served on the Hillcrest Board of Directors since 2014.  A graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Ms. Byrd continued her education, earning another Bachelor’s degree in nursing before acquiring her Master’s degree in health systems management and health policy from George Mason University.  Ms. Byrd is a member of the Programs Committee.
Donna Scales – Ms. Scales has been a member of the Hillcrest Board of Directors since 2014. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Towson University and her MBA in finance from the University of Maryland, University College. She is the owner of Devine Management & Accounting Services, LLC.  Ms. Scales serves on the Bicentennial Committee.