Executive Staff

Juanita Price, Chief Executive Officer – Mrs. Juanita Price, M.Ed., has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Hillcrest Children and Family Center since July 2009.  Her life’s work has been focused on helping people to overcome challenges; a passion rooted in her childhood experiences growing up in Newark, New Jersey.  She has more than 25 years of executive experience in the behavioral health services sector and has served as CEO of the following entities:  the District of Columbia Department of Mental Health, Community Services Agency; Connecting Point (a child adolescent and family service agency in Toledo, Ohio); and the Toledo Mental Health Center (a capacious psychiatric hospital servicing Northwest Ohio). Additionally, Mrs. Price is a nationally recognized advocate for mental health, and she was recently appointed by U.S. Secretary of Human Services to the National Advisory Council of the Center for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Mrs. Price is also the current president of the National Leadership Council on African American Behavioral Health. Her primary philosophy for Hillcrest Center clients is “get better, do better and stay better!  We want to help the people we serve build resiliency so they can overcome challenges of all kinds…trauma, tragedy, personal crisis…and bounce back stronger and wiser.”                         
Alex Ampiaw, Chief Financial Officer – Mr. Alex Ampiaw, M.Acc, MBA, CPA, is the Chief Financial Officer of Hillcrest Children and Family Center, and he has been with the organization since April 2010.  He started his accounting career at a Coca-Cola bottling company in Ghana after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a major in accounting at the University of Ghana. He relocated to the United States to pursue graduate studies at the Bowling Green State University in 1987, where he graduated with a dual Master’s degrees in business administration and accounting. With over 20 years of nonprofit experience, he has worked in consulting capacities with The District of Columbia Department of Mental Health, Community Services Agency, Capital Behavior Health in Washington, DC, and other nonprofit organizations in Ohio. Moreover, he possesses a passion to help nonprofit organizations benefit from the tremendous efficiencies made possible by modern technology and to encourage data-driven management decisions at all levels of the organization.         

Dr. O’Tilia Hunter , Senior Clinical & Program Administrator–Dr. Hunter has a Ph.D. in Counseling Education and Supervision from Walden University. She specializes in substance use disorder (including DUI), crisis intervention, couples and marriage counseling, women’s issues, domestic violence and palliative and grief counseling. Her wealth of experience includes clinical management at various agencies in the State of Maryland. She is credited with developing and revamping many of the Substance Abuse Programs for the Prince George’s County Health Department. She also developed programming for an inpatient substance use disorder and mental health program, specifically for fire fighters. She was the first Clinical Director of an inpatient mental health facility in the State of Maryland, under new State regulations. Dr. Hunter is also an adjunct professor at Lamar University, and is a published author. Through her research, she developed the Spiritual Inclusion Theory. This pioneering therapeutic approach identifies spirituality as a coping mechanism for individuals in crisis.