Children Services

At Hillcrest Children and Family Center, we put our clients first, offering up-to-date clinical services in a confidential, caring environment. By doing so, we dig deep into the core of the matter to discover the root of the problems and to find the best resolutions.

Hillcrest Center prides itself on offering the community a continuum of mental health and substance abuse programs such as:

  •  Individual, Group, and Family Therapy: Counseling for individuals, groups and families to resolve symptoms of behavioral, emotional, social, and cognitive disorders.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: An assessment to determine the source of the emotional and behavioral concerns and determine appropriate course of treatment
  • Parenting Education: Individuals and groups learn and practice skills essential to successful child rearing and healthy family relationships.
  • Anger and Stress Management: Individual and group counseling is offered to youths whose anger is out of control and is contributing to problems at school, work, and in their personal relationships.
  • Youth Substance Abuse Treatment: Intensive Out-Patient group, individual and family services
  • Youth Substance Abuse Prevention: Assessments and basic education activities to delay the onset of experimentation with drugs and alcohol
  • Community Support Services: Education, school and community consultation, and services provided in the home, school, and other settings to improve parenting, academic, daily living, and behavioral management skills.